Carmel Bulletin, 23 December 2018

A former parish priest of Wenty claims that people used to call the parish office in the lead up to Christmas and ask this very question. Although it may surprise you that people called and asked it, what will probably be more surprising this year is the answer you’ll get!

Eagle-eyed readers of Carmel will notice that there isn’t a “Midnight Mass” this year, but a Mass During the Night at 10:30 pm. While the “Midnight Mass” is customary in many places, the Missal allows for some more flexibility.

To celebrate the solemnity of Christmas, the Missal and Lectionary for Mass provide us with prayers and readings for four different times of the day: the Vigil Mass, the Mass During the Night, the Dawn Mass, and the Mass During the Day. Each is expected to be celebrated in keeping with the time of day for which it has been prepared. The Mass During the Night, therefore, can be celebrated sometime after the Vigil Mass, as long as it is celebrated before dawn on Christmas Day.

Keeping in mind our parish vision, that all families feel connected, supported and valued as they live and grow in their faith, Fr Denis, in consultation with the parish team and liturgy committee, has decided this year to try an earlier starting time for the Mass During the Night. It is our hope that this pastoral decision will help more parishioners feel able to participate in what can otherwise be a very late night followed by a very full day of celebration.

So if you want to call the parish office to find out the time of “Midnight Mass”, then by all means call 9631 8302 and select option 2. We can promise you, though, that Mass During the Night will be on Monday at 10:30 pm. Carols will start at 10:00 pm.

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