Continuing our Church Renewal

Carmel Bulletin, 24 February 2019 Earlier this month, the work of our Church Renewal Process was presented at a National Church Architecture Symposium, at the invitation of the National Liturgical Architecture and Art Council. The presentation was a unique opportunity to reflect on the considerable work that was done to renovate the church, and receive … Continue reading Continuing our Church Renewal

Here Comes the Sun

Carmel Bulletin, 18 November 2018 Recently the parish installed seventy-two solar panels across the priory and church.  Our action is part of a growing trend amongst homeowners and businesses to reduce both energy bill costs and reliance on fossil fuels. Having solar energy powering our liturgical space is a visible way of connecting the liturgy to … Continue reading Here Comes the Sun

Australia’s First Saint

Carmel Bulletin, 25 February 2018 You can find our new image of St Mary MacKillop near the entry doors at the back of the church.  It is carved by Engelbert Piccolruaz, who was born and learnt woodcarving in the traditional style of the Italian alpine region; the origin of our statue of St Joseph. The … Continue reading Australia’s First Saint

Making a grand entrance

Carmel Bulletin, 11 February 2018 One of the tasks we sought to achieve when renewing our church was to improve the entrances into the building. There were practical reasons for this – the space under the choir gallery was dark compared to the rest of the church, and we knew that glass doors would appear … Continue reading Making a grand entrance

Getting to Know our Renewed Church

Carmel Bulletin, 24 December 2017 Welcome to our first weekend of Masses since our new altar was dedicated and new parts of our church blessed for use.  To help you become familiar with our renewed church, please take note of the following: We bless ourselves with holy water as we enter the church to remind … Continue reading Getting to Know our Renewed Church