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About the Ministry of Warden

Wardens coordinate the collection of contributions each Mass. Once passing the collection plate through the designated section of the church, they simply take the plates to the back of the church and place the money in the basket, so that it may be presented along with the gifts of bread and wine.

Wardens are also responsible for providing for the practical needs of the assembly.  This may involve providing assistance with finding people a seat, or ushering people when a lot of people are present or when there is an emergency. The head warden at each Mass will also ensure that people have been invited to participate in the offertory procession.

Wardens can be from about age twelve upwards, male or female. Good wardens will maintain a sense of reverence, will be welcoming and hospitable, and be able to respond to matters calmly as they arise.

Resources for Wardens

Parish guidelines

Collections at Sunday Mass