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This resource has now changed. Find out more.

In many places, COVID-19 restrictions are limiting people’s access to participation in Mass.

To support people in observing and celebrating Sunday at home, we will prepare a Celebration of the Word of God that can be used at home, following the official liturgy of the Church. While we may not be able to celebrate the Eucharist, Christ may continue to be made present in these celebrations through the proclamation of the Scriptures.

Click the button below to access the resources for the coming Sunday.

Other Resources for Praying at Home

Live streamed Mass on YouTube
The Sunday 11:00 am Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral is live streamed on the Diocese of Parramatta YouTube channel

Mass for You at Home
Mass is broadcast every Sunday morning on Channel 10, can be viewed on demand on 10play, or on YouTube (where you can also subscribe to be notified of new episodes).

Celebrating at Home: The Carmelites of Australia and Timor Leste
Resources for praying Sunday Celebrations of the Word of God and Lectio Divina from our Carmelite province

Our resource is changing

We began producing this resource weekly in April 2020, when COVID-19 restrictions in Australia meant that parish communities could not gather together for Mass. It has been good to know that people in our parish and beyond have found it useful to observe Sunday at home.

We are now very fortunate that COVID-19 has been controlled to an extent where our parish community can now gather once again in relative safety. The challenge, however, has been to continue to support both those at home, and those who are returning to Mass in increasing numbers.

We don’t want to withdraw our support for people praying at home altogether. As such, what we provide has changed. We hope it will provide a similar amount of support to what we provide now, in a way that we can effectively maintain.

What will change

  • Sunday-specific and feast-day specific material, such as images and hymns will no longer be provided, or given where possible in an alternative form
  • The scripture readings will not be provided in full within our own page, but will still be easily accessible via a link to Universalis, which publishes a comprehensive range of Catholic liturgical texts online

Everything else will stay the same.

We will also continue to provide access on this page to the same existing external resources (subject to continued availability), namely:

  • Celebrating at Home from the Carmelites of Australia and Timor Leste
  • Live streamed Mass from St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta
  • Mass for You at Home, Australia’s long-running televised Sunday Mass

We thank everyone who has supported this resource since it began, and we hope that you will continue to find it helpful. If you are a Wentworthville parishioner still praying at home, we look forward to seeing you again at Mass soon.