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During the course of 2011, much of the English-speaking Church began to use a new translation of the Roman Missal. Also known previously as the Sacramentary, the missal contains all the prayers used by the Church during the celebration of Mass.

Learn the texts of the Order of Mass

Texts of the current edition of the Roman Missal (Universalis Publishing)

Parish resources

What Happens At Mass

A series of Liturgy Corner bulletin items

Liturgy Corner articles on topics regarding the new missal translation

Larger Print Edition of the Revised Prayers and Responses of the Mass

Booklet for parishioners who experience difficulty with the size of the text on the Order of Mass pew card provided in the church.

Other resources

Roman Missal Australia

The website of the National Liturgical Council, with resources for the implementation of the missal – including the text of the Order of Mass in pdf form (use these links below to access the pages of the site, or scroll to the bottom of the linked page above to find the Roman Missal Implementation menu).

Frequently Asked Questions about the New Missal Translation

Together At One Altar

An excellent website supporting the implementation of the new translation for schools, but with material that will also be of interest and benefit to adults and parish groups

National Liturgical Music Board

Includes music resources to support the new translation of the missal, as well as the list of Mass settings reviewed by the Board and recommended for use by the Australian Bishops

Recommended Mass Settings

Each of these settings can be purchased individually by following the links below, or as part of the national music resource, Catholic Worship Book II