He Descended Into Hell

Carmel Bulletin, 10 May 2015 At Masses during the Lent and Easter seasons, we pray the Apostles’ Creed instead of the usual Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed.  This is recommended in the Missal as it is the ancient baptismal creed of the Roman Church, and these seasons are very much focused on baptism; through the initiation of adults … Continue reading He Descended Into Hell

Liturgy Committee Meeting Report

Carmel Bulletin, 15 September 2013 The Liturgy Committee met at the end of August. One matter the committee considered was that raised at the previous Pastoral Council meeting, namely the concern that parishioners are not able to participate in the prayers and responses of the Mass due to an inability to remember and access the … Continue reading Liturgy Committee Meeting Report

25/3/12 – Approaching Holy Week and the Easter Triduum

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday.  The Mass commemorates the actual “Palm Sunday” events in its unique introductory rites which include the blessing of palm branches, and the proclamation of a gospel account of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.  This typically takes place at the entrance to the church, or may even take a simple form with … Continue reading 25/3/12 – Approaching Holy Week and the Easter Triduum