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About the Ministry of the Word

Ministers of the Word do more than read words on a page. Their role is to bring to life the Word of God for the gathered community. This involves a number of elements, including clarity, voice projection, and expression.

Ministers of the Word need to be well-prepared and have spent time praying with and reflecting on the scripture they proclaim. To assist with this, the parish provides all readers with materials to assist them in proclaiming the Word effectively. A compulsory annual formation workshop is held in October, and practices may be called for important times of the year.

A good Minister of the Word will know what they’re reading, will be heard by everyone in the church, and will read in such a way that people will want to listen, fostering in them a love for the Word of God.

Resources for Ministers of the Word

Formation workshops

Formation workshop: The Celebration of Mass

Formation workshop: Biblical Literary Genres

Formation workshop: Spiritual Preparation

Formation workshop: Technical Preparation

Formation workshop: Putting Technical Skills into Practice

Ministry guidelines

Instructions for Ministers of the Word

Parish resources

Preparing to Proclaim

Online resource with readings, commentary and advice for proclaiming the scriptures on Sundays and feast days. Specifically designed for the preparation of Ministers of the Word in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish.

Documents of the Church

Lectionary for Mass: Introduction

Introduction to the book of readings for Mass. Includes important information about the importance of the Word of God, ministries in the Liturgy of the Word, as well as the structure and arrangement of the lectionary.