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for those continuing in their ministry



Using the DVD resource Become One Body, One Spirit in Christ, view the video Acolytes, Lectors and Readers

  • This is accessed on the resource via: Main Menu > Crafting the Art of Liturgy > Liturgical Ministries > Roles of the Liturgical Assembly > Acolytes, Lectors and Readers
  • Ask yourself: What is it that Fr Paul McPartlan says the Minister of the Word has the responsibility for doing in terms of preparation?
  • Read (either in conjunction with the DVD resource, or instead of the DVD if you cannot gain access to it), article 55 of the General Introduction to the Lectionary for Mass

Spiritual preparation and technical preparation are both important.
How can we prepare spiritually for the task of proclaiming the Word of God?

  • Read the handout on the ABC Method of Preparing Scripture (link below)
  • Choose a Preparing to Proclaim resource for any upcoming Sunday
  • Using these materials, try reading and reflecting on the scripture texts for that Sunday using the ABC method

Participant Handouts

The ABC Method of Preparing Scripture

Instructions for Ministers of the Word

Further Reading

General Introduction to the Lectionary for Mass

Pope Francis, General Audience, 31 January 2018 (The Holy See)