Liturgy Corner


Jesus never performed miracles, or “signs” as they are described in the Gospel of John, for the sake of it. They always resulted from, and strengthened peoples’ faith. Take, for example, Mary’s faith in her son at Cana, the centurion’s faith that Jesus could heal his daughter without entering under his roof, the woman who … Continue reading Glory


The opening sentences of today’s Gospel reveal a particular cultural and religious understanding of the time - that circumstances such as disability (in this case, blindness) were seen as punishments from God for sin.  At the end, the excuse of sin is used by the Pharisees to reject his courageous witness and expel him from … Continue reading Dignity


All of us struggle with temptation from time to time.  Sometimes we are more vulnerable to temptation than others.  People can try to exploit that vulnerability for their own gain – how quickly in recent years have our favourite sporting events become awash with betting advertising, for example?  Today’s Gospel reminds us that Jesus, being … Continue reading Temptation