Liturgy Corner

The Responsibilities of Our Parish Liturgy Committee

Carmel Bulletin, 9 October 2022 Last week, we explained how the parish liturgy committee has reflected on its purpose and role within the life of the parish community.  From this discernment, it developed a statement of purpose to serve the parish community.  The General Instruction of the Roman Missal speaks of the importance of the … Continue reading The Responsibilities of Our Parish Liturgy Committee

The Purpose of Our Parish Liturgy Committee

Carmel Bulletin, 2 October 2022 For us as a Church, our participation in the liturgy is the source and summit of our lives, and our right and duty as the baptised priesthood.  In his recent apostolic letter on liturgical formation, Pope Francis calls on us to carefully tend to every aspect of the liturgical celebration.  … Continue reading The Purpose of Our Parish Liturgy Committee

Liturgical Ministry Courses

Carmel Bulletin, 24 July 2022 Celebrating the liturgy, particularly our Sunday Eucharistic celebration, is both the high point of, and nourishment for Christian lives.  Celebrating together as the Body of Christ, our celebrations rely on, and are enriched by, the contributions of many members of our parish who fulfil liturgical ministries.  We are always looking … Continue reading Liturgical Ministry Courses

Receiving Communion at Mass

Carmel Bulletin, 19 June 2022 Today we celebrate the solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ.  It is a time for us to recall and celebrate our belief that our God is present in the Eucharist that we receive. The Eucharist we receive, of course, becomes the Body and Blood of Jesus through our … Continue reading Receiving Communion at Mass

A Pillar of Fire

Carmel Bulletin, 8 May 2022 Service of Light at the Easter Vigil Mass, 2022 The Easter Vigil each year begins in darkness.  From this darkness, the evocative symbol of fire emerges, providing the flame that lights our new paschal candle. This celebration of the resurrection – our ‘night of nights’ – and the power of … Continue reading A Pillar of Fire