Here Comes the Sun

Carmel Bulletin, 18 November 2018 Recently the parish installed seventy-two solar panels across the priory and church.  Our action is part of a growing trend amongst homeowners and businesses to reduce both energy bill costs and reliance on fossil fuels. Having solar energy powering our liturgical space is a visible way of connecting the liturgy to … Continue reading Here Comes the Sun

12/8/12 – Church Renewal Committee Report

The Church Renewal Committee has met twice in recent weeks. For the first of these meetings, we invited an architect to join us for an initial conversation.  The architect was recommended to us by Fr Stephen Hackett MSC, our liturgical consultant for the renewal process.  A very productive and fruitful discussion was had at this … Continue reading 12/8/12 – Church Renewal Committee Report

1/7/12 – Church Renewal Committee Report

The Church Renewal Committee met on Wednesday to continue the planning process. Given the amount of expenditure required, the finance committee has since sought further quotes for the painting of the interior of the church.  The three quotes now obtained vary significantly, and further examination is needed.  The finance committee also intends to make some … Continue reading 1/7/12 – Church Renewal Committee Report

10/6/12 – The Arrangement of the Church: Sanctuary

As we advised recently, the Church Renewal Committee is currently working through the planning process, considering how the church can be shaped and ordered to best fulfil the vision articulated by parishioners during the consultation process.  The Guiding Concepts developed from this consultation are, therefore, an important measure to work by. Many parishioners during the … Continue reading 10/6/12 – The Arrangement of the Church: Sanctuary

19/6/11 – Guiding Concepts

You may recall that last year, two parish meetings were held as part of our Church Renewal Process.  The latter of these was primarily focused on sharing the important aspects and values of our parish community that should be kept in mind when preparing plans to renew the liturgical space. From this meeting, the discussions … Continue reading 19/6/11 – Guiding Concepts