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About the Ministries of Liturgical Space and Environment

An array of Ministers of Liturgical Environment work to ensure that the church is thoughtfully and neatly presented during the different seasons of the Church year, so that a fitting prayer atmosphere is achieved. Other people contribute to fabrication and care of more permanent elements of the liturgical space.

Artists, Craftspeople, Linen Workers, etc are needed to assist with fabricating altar linens, banners, and make works of art and furniture for the church. Such assistance may only be needed very occasionally.

Church Cleaners are needed to keep the church clean and tidying by vacuuming, dusting, cleaning glass and metalwork.  The church is cleaned after 9:00 am every second Thursday. Equipment is supplied.

Florists arrange the flowers in the sanctuary, and work with the support of others to ensure that plants are watered, check that flowers at our statues are still fresh and change the water when needed.