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About the Ministry of Music

Ministers of Music use their gift of music to serve the community by helping people to pray and to open their hearts to God’s presence. The music ministers lead the assembly and support them in their sung prayer.

Music Ministry requires both instrumentalists (to provide accompanying, supportive music) and vocalists/singers (to lead the congregation in song). Additional music ministers are required at all Masses.

Good Music Ministers will prepare by reading and reflecting upon the Word of God for the Mass. Furthermore, they will meet with all Music Ministers for special liturgies and be continuously involved in learning new music. The Parish Choir that sings for the Easter Triduum and Christmas Mass During the Night practises on Mondays from 7:15 – 8:30 pm weekly before those celebrations (dates printed in Carmel).  Groups leading music each Sunday rehearse regularly at times convenient to them.

Resources for Ministers of Music

Formation modules

Core Parish Music Repertoire

Parish guidelines

Parish resources

Music Ministers’ Guides for the Seasons of the Liturgical Year

Music and Projection List

Music and Projection List to be used by parish Music Ministers to help fulfil copyright requirements.

Projection Slides Catalogues

Liturgical Music Catalogue

A complete listing of all liturgical music in the parish collection, the composers, books and page/number references. The listing with cross-referenced with copyright permissions and the list of approved hymns for use in Australia. Please note: this catalogue is password restricted to music ministers and parish staff only. Contact us to gain access.

Documents of the Church

Musicam sacram

Instruction on music in the liturgy from the Second Vatican Council.

Sing to the Lord: Music in divine worship

Guidelines for music in the liturgy from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has endorsed Sing to the Lord as official guidelines to also be used here in Australia.