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Welcome to our Music Suggestions portal.  It has been established to provide parish music ministers (and others who choose to visit) with lists of music suitable for the feasts and seasons.

Although these lists are quite comprehensive, they are by no means able to take the place of thoughtful and contemplative preparation. We urge all music ministers to pray and reflect on the scriptures and rituals of that particular celebration before consulting these lists. OLMC music ministers should also consider and directions and advice provided in the music ministry updates that are distributed from time to time.

The United States Document, Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship suggests that music ministers, when choosing music, make their choices based on the following judgements. Below each are some guidelines about how these judgements may apply to using this portal’s music suggestions:

The Liturgical Judgement

Does this song support the scripture of the day and/or the ritual action taking place at this time? Can the music ministers who serve at this Mass lead this song well? Would this song’s level of difficultly prevent the assembly from participating in its own sung prayer?

The Pastoral Judgement

Do this community that gathers know this song? Does it give them the opportunity to express and challenge their faith? Do the words and style of this song reflect the characteristics of this celebrating community?

The Musical Judgement

When using these suggestions, ask yourself; is this quality music? Is is part of a repertoire of a variety of music styles?

As these suggestions have been developed primarily as a parish resource, they list music from our parish music collection that we are allowed to use in liturgical celebrations under our One License copyright licence.  They also reflect the work we have done in the parish to establish a core music repertoire to encourage participation of the assembly across all Sunday Masses.

We hope you find these suggestions useful and may the Holy Spirit guide you in your music ministry.

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