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About the Ministries of Hospitality

Greeters are the first ministers you see as you approach the church on a Sunday. For parishioners and visitors, a friendly smile, a simple “welcome”, accompanied with a copy of Carmel can help people feel “at home” within “our home”. Greeters may also ensure that all the required ministers for a liturgy are present, and check that supplies of brochures, forms, etc. at church doors are adequate and neatly displayed. They may be required to assist people with limited mobility to a seat, and alert Communion Ministers to their presence in the assembly.

Kitchen Volunteers prepare and offer people refreshments (tea, coffee, etc.) after Sunday Masses.

Good hospitality ministers need to have a warm smile and friendly nature, and a good general knowledge of where things are, or who to see about something.

Resources for the Ministries of Hospitality


EvangelismCoach.org: Fix Your Church Hospitality

An American site from a protestant background, but still with worthy points and ideas to consider for extending welcome and hospitality for Church communities

Articles of Interest

Liturgy: House of Prayer?

This blog post by Rev Bosco Peters (Anglican Church, New Zealand) reflecting on the power of church buildings that are regularly open and where there is a habit of personal prayer.