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About the repertoire

Our core parish music repertoire has been developed as a collaboration between the liturgy committee and music ministry groups. Its aim is to ensure a consistent body of music used across all liturgical celebrations in the parish so that parishioners may participate more fully, consciously and actively. Consequently, our hope is that people who come to participate in the liturgy will feel more welcome, and feel more connected and supported as they live in and grow in their faith, thus realising our parish vision.

Choosing the repertoire

The first point for choosing the repertoire was determining and refining what music was used commonly across most music groups and Sunday Mass times. In some cases, new items were proposed where there appeared to be a need that was not met in the existing material.

The United States Document, Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship (which has been adopted by the Australian bishops for use as local guidelines) suggests that music ministers, when choosing music, make their choices based on the following judgements. These also guide the development and evaluation of our repertoire:

The liturgical judgement

Does this song support the celebration of the liturgical year, the scripture and prayer texts, and/or the ritual actions we participate in? Can the music ministers lead this song well? Would this song’s level of difficultly prevent the assembly from participating in its own sung prayer? Do they direct our prayer towards God and (where appropriate) those who intercede for us to God? Do they reflect the communal nature of Catholic liturgy?

The pastoral judgement

Can the community learn this song? Does it give them the opportunity to express and challenge their faith? Do the words and style of this song reflect the characteristics of this celebrating community? Does the repertoire support the diversity present in our parish community? Do we have the legal right to use this song?

The musical judgement

Is this quality music? Does the repertoire support the diversity present in our Church’s musical tradition?

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Frequently asked questions

About the repertoire

When must I choose music from the parish music repertoire?

The Entrance, Communion and Thanksgiving (if sung) hymns must, as a minimum, be chosen from the parish music repertoire for every Mass.  This is because these are considered to be times during the Mass when everyone should be able to participate in the singing.  Ideally, every hymn can (and should) be chosen from the parish music repertoire. You should also refer to our parish guidelines Music and the Mass and our parish music suggestions for further guidance.

There were hymns that our music group used to play that aren’t in the core repertoire now. Can we still use them?

Yes, provided that they are liturgically, pastorally and musically appropriate, and are covered by our One License copyright licence. Within our PowerPoint Slide Catalogue, you will find many such hymns under the title “Other music from our parish collection”. To meet the aims of our core repertoire, however, these hymns are only to be used at specific times during Mass – see the question below for more information about when they can be used and why.

Are there times during the Mass when our music group can choose something else that we want to play and sing?

Only for the Offertory or Postlude (Recessional) hymn.  This is because they are times during the Mass where the participation of all in the singing is a low priority.  It is perfectly acceptable for music at these times to be solo or choir-sung items, instrumental music (except during Lent), or omitted altogether.

Music sources

There is a hymn in the repertoire that is in several of our music books, but there are differences in the words from book to book.  Which music book should we use?

Whenever a hymn is in Catholic Worship Book II, then CWB II is to be used.  This is because it is the only hymn book we have a full set of for choirs. It is also the only music resource officially endorsed by the Australian bishops for use in Australia. Where there are variations in the text between the hymn books, then the CWB II version will be what is used to prepare the PowerPoint slides.

If the hymn is not in CWB II, then the text will be sourced from Gather Australia (in the first instance), or from As One Voice (in the second instance), or another source within the parish music book collection.

In the PowerPoint Slide Catalogue, you will see noted alongside each hymn which music book the text matches.