19/6/11 – Guiding Concepts

Our Church: ever ancient, ever newYou may recall that last year, two parish meetings were held as part of our Church Renewal Process.  The latter of these was primarily focused on sharing the important aspects and values of our parish community that should be kept in mind when preparing plans to renew the liturgical space.

From this meeting, the discussions of the parishioners present were to be drawn together into a set of guiding concepts that who assist those who will responsible for preparing design plans.  After a long drafting process, the most recent draft of these guiding concepts is now available.

If you attended the parish guiding concepts meeting last year, we ask that you take a copy of the draft home with you – they are available today from the parish centre.  Please read over them and consider whether they reflect what was shared by parishioners at the meeting.  Attached to the draft is a form to note any comments you may have and return to the box in the narthex.  We ask that you return your comments by the end of June.

You can also access the draft from our parish website.  Also there is a comparison document, which we hope may be helpful in seeing how the various comments and thoughts shared at the meeting have been incorporated into the guiding concepts.

Once the feedback from parishioners has been received, we review the guiding concepts if necessary and seek to release the final draft of the concepts to all parishioners as soon as possible.

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