Hear the Difference

Carmel Bulletin, 1 October 2017 The visual difference to our church since demolition work began is obvious, but have you noticed any aural (sound) difference? The removal of the carpet has changed the acoustics of the building.  Soft furnishings, like carpet, absorb sound, while sound bounces off hard surfaces like brick, timber and stone.  The … Continue reading Hear the Difference

15/8/10 – Designing Churches for Liturgical Celebration

At present, we are exploring the liturgical principles which underpin our work in the Church Renewal Process.  Having considered active participation, we now consider the fifth principle, namely: Designing churches for liturgical celebration In some religious traditions, sacred buildings are constructed (at least in part) to provide a place for their god to dwell.  The … Continue reading 15/8/10 – Designing Churches for Liturgical Celebration