Here Comes the Sun

Carmel Bulletin, 18 November 2018 Recently the parish installed seventy-two solar panels across the priory and church.  Our action is part of a growing trend amongst homeowners and businesses to reduce both energy bill costs and reliance on fossil fuels. Having solar energy powering our liturgical space is a visible way of connecting the liturgy to … Continue reading Here Comes the Sun

Hear the Difference

Carmel Bulletin, 1 October 2017 The visual difference to our church since demolition work began is obvious, but have you noticed any aural (sound) difference? The removal of the carpet has changed the acoustics of the building.  Soft furnishings, like carpet, absorb sound, while sound bounces off hard surfaces like brick, timber and stone.  The … Continue reading Hear the Difference

Celebrating the Diamond Anniversary of Our Church

This weekend we celebrate sixty years since Cardinal Gilroy blessed and opened our parish church. From early times the name “church” has also been given to the building in which the Christian community gathers to hear the word of God, to pray together, to celebrate the sacraments, and to participate in the eucharist. Ceremonial of … Continue reading Celebrating the Diamond Anniversary of Our Church