Liturgy Committee Report

Carmel Bulletin, 17 May 2015

Liturgy, Our Lady of Mount Carmel WentworthvilleThe Liturgy Committee met on 6 May.

The celebration of Holy Week and the Easter Triduum was evaluated.  There were many positive aspects to the celebrations and the participation of the parish in them.  Further consideration will be given to managing the volunteering of liturgical ministers, and ensuring a reverent, prayerful environment for all who come to the Celebration of the Passion of the Lord on Good Friday.

Preparations are underway for the celebration of the Parish Feast Day on Sunday 19 July.  The principal Mass will again be at 10:30 am, with a special invitation extended to people who have joined our parish community over the past year to come to this Mass.  The parish will pray for God’s blessing upon our new parishioners.

The Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated over the next two Wednesday evenings.  Members of our parish RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) team will also participate this month in a series of workshops being presented by the Diocesan Office for Worship and Liturgical Commission.

Comments, questions and feedback about our parish’s liturgical life and practice are always welcome.  Please send a message to the committee in writing, care of the parish office, or email litcomwenty (at) gmail (dot) com

Church Renewal Committee Report

Carmel Bulletin, 22 September 2013

Church Renewal ProcessIn July, architect Jesse Mowbray presented to the Church Renewal Committee three potential design options for the renewal and reordering of the church.  Early this month, the committee met to consider these options and propose the adoption of a suitable option. This has been a lengthy process, but has been necessary to ensure the best possible result.

The three options presented offered a range of options and provide some ‘food for thought’.  There are some ideas presented which we believe fit well for the overall vision for our parish and its liturgical space.  Other proposals that Jesse has made challenge us to think about how we can improve on issues such as encouraging the entire assembly to gather together in the church whenever possible, rather than be spread out between church and narthex.

The Church Renewal Committee has now responded to the architect, outlining our discernment so far and the principles and ideas that have arisen within our discussions as being of highest priority.  In the meantime, our incoming parish priest, Fr Paul Cahill, will be briefed on the process to date so that he may be ready to make his own contribution to the process once he arrives.

Further details are available in the latest edition of the Church Renewal Process Update newsletter, available in the literature stand in the parish centre, or online.  Any comments, questions or feedback on the Church Renewal Process can be sent in writing to the parish office, emailed to litcomwenty (at) gmail (dot) com, or made in person to committee members.

18/11/12 – Church Renewal Committee Report and Name Tags

Church Renewal Process

Church Renewal Committee Report

The Church Renewal Committee met this week with architect Jesse Mowbray.  Jesse outlined to the committee the terms of the Client and Architect Agreement and responded to questions.  The committee passed the motion that Fr Paul sign the agreement, which formally commissioned Jesse to develop three possible design concepts for the internal renewal of the church.  After completing exploratory work on the building, and spending time within the parish community during the rest of this year, Jesse will spend the first half of next year developing proposals of how the church can best be arranged to realise the vision articulated by parishioners through the consultation process.

Name TagName Tags

Following the recent formation workshops, Ministers of the Word and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion have been issued with name tags.  As time goes on, name tags will be provided to other ministers and parishioners who request them.

Your name tag, of course, is only useful if you wear it!  Fr Paul would like to see everybody who has a name tag wearing it so we can all get to know each other a little more, and at least be able to call people by name more often.  It’s a simple way of strengthening our relationships with each other and building up our parish community.  So please remember to bring your name tag with you to Mass.

9/9/12 – Church Renewal Committee Report

Church Renewal ProcessThe Church Renewal Committee met recently and finalised details of the renewal of the Church.

Staged Works

The Church Renewal Committee envisages the completion of work in three stages.  Stage 1, to be completed as soon as possible, includes necessary maintenance work and reordering of the church.  Stage 2 is the installation of mechanical heating and/or cooling systems when funds allow.  The final stage will involve possible modification of the parish centre to accommodate additional toilet and storage facilities.


The finance committee has confirmed that the parish has funds saved that will be allocated to the completion of Stage 1.  These funds will meet the maintenance works that must be undertaken, with funds remaining to meet reordering costs.  We will seek donations for aspects of the renewal of the church, but intend to complete Stage 1 without going into debt.


The Church Renewal Committee will begin the process of developing a plan by working in collaboration with architect Jesse Mowbray.  Jesse, a parishioner of the Diocese, has a particular interest in church architecture.  He is already familiar with the Guiding Concepts for this project, and has a good working relationship with our liturgical consultant, Fr Stephen Hackett MSC.

Further information about our recent progress can be found in the latest edition of the Church Renewal Process Update newsletter, available in the parish centre today or online.

12/8/12 – Church Renewal Committee Report

Church Renewal ProcessThe Church Renewal Committee has met twice in recent weeks.

For the first of these meetings, we invited an architect to join us for an initial conversation.  The architect was recommended to us by Fr Stephen Hackett MSC, our liturgical consultant for the renewal process.  A very productive and fruitful discussion was had at this meeting.  The architect indicated that we already had much of the documentation and information in place that would be necessary for the development of design concepts.

The Church Renewal Committee met again this week to consider whether the architect should be appointed to the project.  The committee is confident that the architect would be able to develop an effective design that would reflect the vision and needs of our parish community into the future.

The committee is concerned, however, that more specific details may need to be developed to supplement the guiding concepts, thus making clearer the scope of work given to an architect.  The finance committee has been asked to determine the budget for the project.  This material will now be developed over future meetings before the architect is formally engaged.

Please remember that you can review the process that has been undertaken so far, and the Guiding Concepts, at  Feedback on the process can be sent to the committee via the parish office or by email to litcomwenty (at) gmail (dot) com.