None Equals Thee

OLMC Statue landscape 2Sometimes people of other faith traditions think that we worship Mary.  While they can clearly see that Mary holds a special place in our faith, all our worship is directed toward God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Collect Prayer for our celebration of the Solemnity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel reminds us of this:

All gracious God,
may the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
Mother and Queen of Carmel, protect us,
and bring us to your holy Mountain, Christ our Lord…

(Carmelite Lectionary)

Mary is certainly the most blessed of all women, and a person without equal.  As our mother and sister in faith, she intercedes for us, and leads us to the divine mystery in which we believe.  This echoes through a number of the prayer texts we use on our feast day today.

While we certainly honour Mary at different times throughout the liturgical year, the liturgy is still focused on giving thanks to God for the Paschal Mystery – the life, death and resurrection of Christ in which Mary played a crucial role.  It is why, for example, that prayers to Mary (such as the Hail Mary) don’t form part of the proper texts for Mass.  It is also why Marian devotions, such as the rosary, or private prayers at the Marian Shrine, have their own time and place.

So as we give thanks for Mary’s patronage and protection, let us remember her first and foremost as a woman with deep faith who embraced the will of God.  Let us pray that by her prayers and example, our faith and love will become like hers.

Getting to Know our Renewed Church

Carmel Bulletin, 24 December 2017

Welcome to our first weekend of Masses since our new altar was dedicated and new parts of our church blessed for use.  To help you become familiar with our renewed church, please take note of the following:

03 - Blessing of Font 1
Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv blesses our new baptismal font, 17 December 2017

We bless ourselves with holy water as we enter the church to remind us of our baptism.  We encourage you to bless yourself directly from the baptismal font in the centre of the church.

The front pew in each section of the church is kneeler-free, which may be of help to those who are unable to kneel, and to those who need easy access in and out of their seat.

Many people use the devotional spaces around the church for their personal prayer.  Please feel free to pray at the shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, but only before or after Mass.  Stopping at the shrine after receiving communion causes difficulties and disruption for others.  The seats in front of the shrine are the perfect place to stop and pray after Mass, while keeping walkways clear.  We look forward to the other devotional spaces around the church being completed early in the new year.

Liturgy Committee Report

Carmel Bulletin, 17 May 2015

Liturgy, Our Lady of Mount Carmel WentworthvilleThe Liturgy Committee met on 6 May.

The celebration of Holy Week and the Easter Triduum was evaluated.  There were many positive aspects to the celebrations and the participation of the parish in them.  Further consideration will be given to managing the volunteering of liturgical ministers, and ensuring a reverent, prayerful environment for all who come to the Celebration of the Passion of the Lord on Good Friday.

Preparations are underway for the celebration of the Parish Feast Day on Sunday 19 July.  The principal Mass will again be at 10:30 am, with a special invitation extended to people who have joined our parish community over the past year to come to this Mass.  The parish will pray for God’s blessing upon our new parishioners.

The Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated over the next two Wednesday evenings.  Members of our parish RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) team will also participate this month in a series of workshops being presented by the Diocesan Office for Worship and Liturgical Commission.

Comments, questions and feedback about our parish’s liturgical life and practice are always welcome.  Please send a message to the committee in writing, care of the parish office, or email litcomwenty (at) gmail (dot) com

Liturgy Committee Meeting Report

Carmel Bulletin, 24 August 2014

The Liturgy Committee last met on Thursday 7 August.Liturgy, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Wentworthville

There have been some suggestions over a period of time about making an effort to specifically invite and encourage families to participate in Sunday Mass in particular ways on a regular basis.  Paola Yevenes, our Sacramental Coordinator (and member of the Liturgy Committee) has been working on a proposal that the committee will work on with Paola and the school.  We anticipate putting the ideas into place from the beginning of next year.

The committee evaluated the liturgical celebration of the parish feast day.  It was pleasing to see the positive response to the welcoming of new parishioners at the 10:30 am Mass on the day, as well as the participation of students from our primary school and our Lay Carmelite community.  We thank everyone who was involved in the celebrations.

Finally, our continuing evaluation and review of our celebration of Sunday Mass focused this time on the Liturgy of the Word.  We considered how we can help focus the attention of the assembly on the proclamation of the Scriptures, and support both new and existing Ministers of the Word in proclaiming the Word effectively.  This discussion will continue at our next meeting.

Comments, questions and feedback about our parish’s liturgical life and practice are always welcome.  Please send a message to the committee in writing, care of the parish office, or email litcomwenty (at) gmail (dot) com.