Our Marian Shrine

Carmel Bulletin, 21 July 2019 Last Sunday, we celebrated the Solemnity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.  Under this title, the Carmelite family and our parish invoke the patronage and protection of Mary, our mother and sister in faith. Many people have a very strong devotion to Mary under this title.  Some wear a scapular, … Continue reading Our Marian Shrine

Getting to Know our Renewed Church

Carmel Bulletin, 24 December 2017 Welcome to our first weekend of Masses since our new altar was dedicated and new parts of our church blessed for use.  To help you become familiar with our renewed church, please take note of the following: We bless ourselves with holy water as we enter the church to remind … Continue reading Getting to Know our Renewed Church

Marian Shrine in Doncaster, UK

From the website of the British Province of Carmelite Friars comes news of the completion of the renovation of the Marian Shrine at St Peter-Chains-Church in Doncaster, UK. The work looks quite impressive, with new stained glass windows installed, and older windows preserved. You can read more about it, and see pictures, on their website. … Continue reading Marian Shrine in Doncaster, UK