Getting to Know our Renewed Church

Carmel Bulletin, 24 December 2017 Welcome to our first weekend of Masses since our new altar was dedicated and new parts of our church blessed for use.  To help you become familiar with our renewed church, please take note of the following: We bless ourselves with holy water as we enter the church to remind … Continue reading Getting to Know our Renewed Church

Sprinkling with Holy Water

One way in which we mark the Easter Season in the celebration of the Sunday Mass at Wentworthville is by using the rite of sprinkling of holy water.  When it is celebrated, it takes the place of the usual Penitential Act in the Introductory Rites. As the texts used for this rite make clear, sprinkling … Continue reading Sprinkling with Holy Water

21/6/09 – Swine Flu Measures

You may have noticed last weekend that some of our common practices at Mass changed. Unlike last year, these changes are only temporary, and are not prompted by rewritten liturgical documents. Rather, they have been brought about by the current spread of H1N1 influenza (also known as swine flu). Given that there are reported cases … Continue reading 21/6/09 – Swine Flu Measures