Carmel Bulletin, 24 April 2022

For the past two years, we’ve had very limited access to blessed water, and our baptismal font has remained dry (except when needed, of course, for the Sacrament of Baptism).  You may have noticed, however, that since Easter, our font is filled once again; a constant reminder of our baptism.

The baptismal font is filled with water before it is blessed at the Easter Vigil Mass, 16 April 2022

The prayer for blessing the baptismal water at the Easter Vigil vividly describes and recalls the symbol of water throughout salvation history – from the Holy Spirit hovering over the waters of creation, to the flood, the escape from Egypt through the Red Sea, Jesus’ baptism, the pouring of water from his side on the cross, and the great commission to baptise in the name of the Holy Trinity.

From this rich history, the Sacrament of Baptism finds its place as the first sacrament, and the way by which Christians are initiated as the people of God.  Through baptism we are drowned, sharing in the death of Christ, yet also rise from its life-giving waters to share in Jesus’ resurrection. 

The placement of our font in the centre of our church speaks of our common baptism that makes us members of the Church and participants in its liturgy and life.  Blessing ourselves with water from that same font as we enter for Mass, and celebrating the rite of sprinkling at Masses during the Easter season recalls all of this for us and more.

We invite you to return to the practice of blessing yourself with water from the font as you enter the church.  Be assured that we will also return to the practice of regularly cleaning the font and renewing its water so that the font remains as fresh and clean and possible.

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