What Time’s Midnight Mass?

Carmel Bulletin, 23 December 2018 A former parish priest of Wenty claims that people used to call the parish office in the lead up to Christmas and ask this very question. Although it may surprise you that people called and asked it, what will probably be more surprising this year is the answer you’ll get! … Continue reading What Time’s Midnight Mass?

Liturgical Ministers for Christmas

Carmel Bulletin, 29 November 2015 As the season of preparation for Christmas is now upon us, we are beginning to invite liturgical ministers to serve at our Christmas Masses. You will find sign-up sheets as usual in the parish centre today.  We need assistance in the following roles: Greeters Computer operators for the data projector … Continue reading Liturgical Ministers for Christmas

9/12/12 – Liturgy Committee Report

The Liturgy Committee met for the final time in 2012 last month. Final arrangements were made for the celebration of the seasons of Advent and Christmas.  All parishioners are invited to join Fr Paul for Advent Prayer and Reflection on the next two Wednesday evenings.  Christmas Mass times remain the same as in previous years, … Continue reading 9/12/12 – Liturgy Committee Report

15/1/12 – What Happened to the First Sunday?

Today we celebrate the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time.  You may be noticing for the first time this weekend the change in the Church’s art and environment to mark the transition from the Christmas season.  You might also be asking yourself a question: What happened to the First Sunday in Ordinary Time? The answer is … Continue reading 15/1/12 – What Happened to the First Sunday?

5/8/07 – Holy Days of Obligation

On 15 August, the Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  It is a Holy Day of Obligation. “I didn’t think we had those any more!” I hear you say.  Well, we still do.  What’s more, we shouldn’t see them as a burden, but rather an opportunity to celebrate some … Continue reading 5/8/07 – Holy Days of Obligation