13/7/08 – OLMC & WYD

My greetings to you on this weekend when we celebrate our parish’s patronal feast.  While this week in July is always a significant one for our parish, there seems to have been plenty of additional reasons to celebrate in recent years.  This year, it’s the celebration of World Youth Day 2008. Today we begin our … Continue reading 13/7/08 – OLMC & WYD

1/6/08 – Missa Benedictus qui venit

There’s no doubting that World Youth Day is fast approaching (yes, it’s only 6 weeks to go!).  The general advice to all of us is to get prepared for the biggest event Sydney’s ever seen. In addition to finding volunteers, arranging homestays and planning massive barbeques, there are also liturgical preparations to be made.  The … Continue reading 1/6/08 – Missa Benedictus qui venit