Our Diocesan Director of Liturgy Interviewed on the New Translation of the Missal

Fr Peter Williams is a man with many responsibilities.  He is the Executive Secretary of the National Liturgical Council of the Australian Bishops and the Bishops Commission for Liturgy.  He has also been heavily involved in the creation of the resource Become One Body, One Spirit in Christ, which has been prepared to support liturgical catechesis on the Mass, as well as the implementation of a new English translation of the Roman Missal.  He is also involved in preparations for the canonisation of Blessed Mary MacKillop, and was Director of Liturgy for World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney.  He is busy with teaching, both in dioceses locally and internationally in preparation for the new missal translation, as well as some lecturing at the Catholic Institute of Sydney.  Most importantly for our Diocese of Parramatta, he serves as Director of Liturgy.

As someone very much involved in the process of preparing for a new translation of the missal, Fr Peter was interviewed by the ABC’s Noel Debien about the topic on the Sunday Nights radio programme.

You can listen to the entire interview (along with some beautiful music selections from Vivaldi) on ABC Local Radio’s Sunday Nights website.

Become One Body, One Spirit in Christ – It’s Arrived!

Yesterday I finally received my copy of the DVD catechetical resource Become One Body One Spirit in Christ from the supplier I ordered it from months ago – but it’s not their fault (I’ll get to that later)!

I’ve had a quick look so far, following from a brief partial preview back in February.  I need to use it more before I could make an informed evaluation of the resource, but I can certainly make two comments so far:

  1. This resource is not just about informing people about the “new missal”, but provides a much broader catechesis on the celebration of the Eucharist
  2. There wasn’t a resource like this available when the missal was first translated into the vernacular after Vatican II, so to have one now is a good thing, especially when it’s so inexpensive ($32.95 AUD)
  3. This resource looks, and is professional.  Just that in itself is likely to make people take notice of what it has to say.  When I saw the preview from Fraynework (the producers of the resource for ICEL), and spoke to the staff afterwards, one of them made the comment that the reason the Sisters of Mercy established Fraynework was “to produce resources for the Church which were better than a photocopied sheet”.  They have certainly done that.

So what has taken ICEL (the International Committee on English in the Liturgy) so long to release this resource?  The release date has been dependent on receiving the final approval of the missal text from the Vatican (or more specifically, the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments).  This resource not only includes many of the words of the revised Order of Mass, but also recordings of them being both recited and sung.  A lot of work needs to take place, therefore, to make sure the resource is faithful to the new texts.

Let’s hope what’s in the resource matches the texts the various English-speaking countries will eventually receive from the Vatican for publication.  It’s been a long process, and credit must go to the many people who have shown great patience to get the revision of the missal, and the creation of this resource – to this point.

28/2/10 – Become One Body, One Spirit in Christ

Over the past two weeks, I have spoken a little about the recent National Liturgical Conference; the focus of which was the impending release of a new English translation of the Roman Missal.

One of the most exciting parts of the conference was to get an insight (and a bit of a sneak preview!) into a brand new, multimedia resource that will provide formation for parish communities as we approach the release of the new missal translation.

Again, like the translation, this resource has been developed under the direction of the International Committee on English in the Liturgy (ICEL), who identified two needs.  Firstly, people needed to come to learn about the changes the new English translation of the missal would bring about.  Secondly, people want and need to learn more about the celebration of Mass itself, and realise the profound meaning of what we do.

A team was drawn together with the specific task of overseeing the development of the necessary formation material.  This team has collaborated with the Australian organisation Fraynework (an initiative of the Sisters of Mercy) to produce Become One Body, One Spirit in Christ.

Become One Body, One Spirit in Christ is an interactive DVD which will allow individuals or groups to learn more about how we as a Church celebrate the Eucharist.  It brings together written information, video interviews, music recordings, clickable timelines and graphics in ways we have not seen before in a Church resource.

This resource will not only provide us with a wealth of information, but opportunities to nourish and enrich our faith.  It is a highly professional and excellently crafted resource which the Australian Church should be proud of having played such a large role in producing.  I look forward to seeing the finished product and sharing it with parishioners once its released later this year.