Music and Hospitality

Carmel Bulletin, 14 August 2016 The Second Vatican Council’s instruction on music said: “One cannot find anything more religious and more joyful in sacred celebrations than a whole congregation expressing its faith and devotion in song” (Musicam Sacram, no. 16).  That, of course, is easier said than done! While it may take effort to encourage … Continue reading Music and Hospitality

Liturgy Committee Meeting Report

Carmel Bulletin, 23 March 2013 The Liturgy Committee met on Tuesday evening. This year is the first that a weekday evening Mass has been provided during the season of Lent.  The initial attendance has been promising, and feedback suggests that the Stations of the Cross preceding Mass have been well received.  Over the coming Sundays, the … Continue reading Liturgy Committee Meeting Report

Parish Mass Settings Workshop

This morning, music ministers from our parish gathered together to learn more about some of the Mass settings that are available and recommended for use.  This is an integral part of the formation we're providing in our parish as we implement the new English translation of the Roman Missal. Our parish has generally been using … Continue reading Parish Mass Settings Workshop

18/7/10 – Unity, Hierarchy, Order and Ministry

At present, we are exploring the liturgical principles which underpin our work in the Church Renewal Process.  Having considered active participation, we now consider the third principle, namely: Unity, hierarchy, order and ministry This principle is a reminder to us that every person has a role; a part to play in the life of the … Continue reading 18/7/10 – Unity, Hierarchy, Order and Ministry

30/5/10 – Our Music Ministry: Still More Helpers Needed

Last weekend, we began an initiative to encourage more parishioners to join our music ministry. It has been great to see people already volunteering their support.  There is still time for you to volunteer – there are more forms available from the parish centre. In particular, there are some Masses that need particular support: We … Continue reading 30/5/10 – Our Music Ministry: Still More Helpers Needed