23/5/10 – Join the Music Ministry

The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few… This weekend, we are appealing to you as we look to improve our parish’s music ministry.  The first part of this is working to ensure that all our Sunday Masses have live music.  This requires the participation of more singers and instrumentalists in our ministry. You … Continue reading 23/5/10 – Join the Music Ministry

16/5/10 – Music Ministry

Next Sunday is Pentecost Sunday.  Over recent years, we have focused each Pentecost Sunday on the various liturgical ministries in our parish.  This year, we are going to focus on one liturgical ministry in particular. Music should be an integral part of every liturgical celebration, particularly on Sundays.  Music can give our prayer greater richness … Continue reading 16/5/10 – Music Ministry

7/6/09 – People of God, Rejoice and Sing!

Taking into account the layout of each church, the choir should be placed in such a way: a) That its nature should be clearly apparent-namely, that it is a part of the whole congregation, and that it fulfills a special role; b) That it is easier for it to fulfil its liturgical function; c) That … Continue reading 7/6/09 – People of God, Rejoice and Sing!