16/5/10 – Music Ministry

Next Sunday is Pentecost Sunday.  Over recent years, we have focused each Pentecost Sunday on the various liturgical ministries in our parish.  This year, we are going to focus on one liturgical ministry in particular.

Music should be an integral part of every liturgical celebration, particularly on Sundays.  Music can give our prayer greater richness and help raise our minds and hearts to God.  The role of music ministers is crucial to enriching the liturgical celebration in a unique way.

It doesn’t mean, however, that Music Ministers need to have decades of experience and professional music training!  While we’re lucky to have some music ministers who do, others may be music students, or just sing because they enjoy doing so.

Our parish needs more music ministers at each of our Sunday Masses.  You may be able to assist by playing an instrument or joining a group of singers.  We’ve had a good number of parishioners who have served our parish for many years and find their ministry very rewarding.  Hopefully more parishioners can join them.

Next week, we’ll share more with you about the music ministry here in Wentworthville and how you can participate in it.

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