9/5/10 – Next Church Renewal Process Meeting

Church Renewal Process, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, WentworthvilleDuring Lent, we continued with our Church Renewal Process by having a consultation meeting with parishioners.  A good group of interested parishioners learnt more about the reasons for the process and the principles upon which any kind of church renewal work is based.

As our Liturgical Advisor, Fr Stephen Hackett MSC, explained to those in attendance, another meeting would be held in the following months.  This next meeting will be held on Sunday 13 June, so we suggest you mark this date in your diary now.  Fr Stephen will facilitate this meeting once again.

The purpose of this meeting is to work on developing some Guiding Concepts for our church renewal work.

Guiding concepts are essentially statements of principles and values which our parish community consider to be of utmost importance, particularly in relation to our church building.  The meeting will provide opportunity for parishioners to make their contributions, which will then be drawn together into clear and concise statements.

This work of drawing together and writing will be undertaken by a specially-formed working group. It will be comprised of some members of the Liturgy Committee, but also of other parishioners who have not been directly involved in the leadership of the Church Renewal Process.  Their work will then be brought back to parishioners for review and agreement.

This is another opportunity to make your contribution to the Church Renewal Process.  It is another opportunity to share what you believe is important about our parish community and the building in which it worships.  Make sure you keep 13 June free.

Are you coming to the meeting?  Make sure you contact our Parish Office now so we know to provide lunch for you!

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