17/2/08 – Rite of Election

Last Sunday, a group from our parish accompanied Mechelle, then our catechumen preparing for initation, to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Mechelle, with many others across the diocese, continued her journey towards initiation through the celebration of the Rite of Election. At this second step, on the basis of the testimony of godparents and catechists and of … Continue reading 17/2/08 – Rite of Election

3/2/08 – Rite of Sending of Catechumens for Election

Last week we looked at how Lent and Sacramental Initiation are centred on God calling people to conversion.  This is why the season of Lent and the final preparation for sacramental initiation are so closely aligned. Our catechumen, Michelle, is moving closer to this final preparation for Easter and the Sacraments of Initiation.  This weekend, … Continue reading 3/2/08 – Rite of Sending of Catechumens for Election