Church Renewal Committee Report

Carmel Bulletin, 22 September 2013

Church Renewal ProcessIn July, architect Jesse Mowbray presented to the Church Renewal Committee three potential design options for the renewal and reordering of the church.  Early this month, the committee met to consider these options and propose the adoption of a suitable option. This has been a lengthy process, but has been necessary to ensure the best possible result.

The three options presented offered a range of options and provide some ‘food for thought’.  There are some ideas presented which we believe fit well for the overall vision for our parish and its liturgical space.  Other proposals that Jesse has made challenge us to think about how we can improve on issues such as encouraging the entire assembly to gather together in the church whenever possible, rather than be spread out between church and narthex.

The Church Renewal Committee has now responded to the architect, outlining our discernment so far and the principles and ideas that have arisen within our discussions as being of highest priority.  In the meantime, our incoming parish priest, Fr Paul Cahill, will be briefed on the process to date so that he may be ready to make his own contribution to the process once he arrives.

Further details are available in the latest edition of the Church Renewal Process Update newsletter, available in the literature stand in the parish centre, or online.  Any comments, questions or feedback on the Church Renewal Process can be sent in writing to the parish office, emailed to litcomwenty (at) gmail (dot) com, or made in person to committee members.

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