9/9/12 – Church Renewal Committee Report

Church Renewal ProcessThe Church Renewal Committee met recently and finalised details of the renewal of the Church.

Staged Works

The Church Renewal Committee envisages the completion of work in three stages.  Stage 1, to be completed as soon as possible, includes necessary maintenance work and reordering of the church.  Stage 2 is the installation of mechanical heating and/or cooling systems when funds allow.  The final stage will involve possible modification of the parish centre to accommodate additional toilet and storage facilities.


The finance committee has confirmed that the parish has funds saved that will be allocated to the completion of Stage 1.  These funds will meet the maintenance works that must be undertaken, with funds remaining to meet reordering costs.  We will seek donations for aspects of the renewal of the church, but intend to complete Stage 1 without going into debt.


The Church Renewal Committee will begin the process of developing a plan by working in collaboration with architect Jesse Mowbray.  Jesse, a parishioner of the Diocese, has a particular interest in church architecture.  He is already familiar with the Guiding Concepts for this project, and has a good working relationship with our liturgical consultant, Fr Stephen Hackett MSC.

Further information about our recent progress can be found in the latest edition of the Church Renewal Process Update newsletter, available in the parish centre today or online.

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