Carmel Bulletin, 24 February 2019

Earlier this month, the work of our Church Renewal Process was presented at a National Church Architecture Symposium, at the invitation of the National Liturgical Architecture and Art Council.

The presentation was a unique opportunity to reflect on the considerable work that was done to renovate the church, and receive positive feedback and affirmation for this work from people who work in the fields of liturgy and architecture.

Across the presentations that were made at the symposium, by both local practitioners and international experts, two key messages about church buildings came through strongly.

Firstly, the renewal of our church building ultimately helps to renew us as the people of God.  The building is shaped and formed to tell the story of, and express our vision for our faith.  As the primary place where we pray and worship, it contributes to our spiritual nourishment and the continuation of the mission of Jesus.

Secondly, the renewal of our church building remains an ongoing process.  As a place where the living body of Christ gathers and celebrates, it will continue to be a living and changing building, which will evolve with each generation.  Furthermore, the work that has been done in recent years forms a sound foundation to guide work that will need to be done into the future.

It was a privilege for our parish to share its journey of renewal and be recognised within the Church for this work.

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