Making a grand entrance

Carmel Bulletin, 11 February 2018

01 - Before Mass 1One of the tasks we sought to achieve when renewing our church was to improve the entrances into the building.

There were practical reasons for this – the space under the choir gallery was dark compared to the rest of the church, and we knew that glass doors would appear more inviting to those passing by outside.  Realigning the doors from the parish centre into the church has improved the flow of movement between the two spaces.

Church doors and entrances also bear the important task of helping us make the transition to prepare our hearts and minds for celebrating together in a house of prayer.  We pass back out through them again renewed with the task of taking Christ to the world.  Church entrances are also part of a number of liturgical celebrations where entering the church forms a symbolic part of the ritual; some of these include the rites of initiation of adults and children, marriages and funerals.

Baptistery-Grille-for-BooklThe design of our new doors not only serves the various liturgical needs and functions, but also honours our past.  Our architect, Jesse Mowbray, used the architectural drawing of a grille for the baptistery from the original 1950’s plans as inspiration for our current door design.

We hope that as we continue to celebrate in our renewed church, we can appreciate how our new doors contribute to an enriched life of prayer.

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