Carmel Bulletin, 2 October 2022

For us as a Church, our participation in the liturgy is the source and summit of our lives, and our right and duty as the baptised priesthood.  In his recent apostolic letter on liturgical formation, Pope Francis calls on us to carefully tend to every aspect of the liturgical celebration.  This will help enable us to participate fully, consciously and actively, and encounter the risen Christ.

To help achieve this, ours is one of many parishes that have a liturgy committee to guide the work of preparing, evaluating and promoting the liturgical life of their communities.

Over the course of this year, the committee has reflected on its purpose and the role it plays within the life of the parish community.  In this way, we have reflected on our work over the past twenty-five years and affirmed the core principles that will guide our work in the years to come.

From this discernment, our liturgy committee developed this statement of purpose:

To serve our Carmelite family parish,
helping it to deepen in its relationship with God and live Jesus’ mission
by forming a diverse, inclusive community of prayer
that participates fully, consciously and actively in the best liturgical celebrations it can offer.

We invite you to share your feedback on the role and purpose of the liturgy committee in our community.  You can speak to Fr Denis or Fr Janu at any time, or contact us online.

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