Carmel Bulletin, 9 October 2022

Last week, we explained how the parish liturgy committee has reflected on its purpose and role within the life of the parish community.  From this discernment, it developed a statement of purpose to serve the parish community.  The General Instruction of the Roman Missal speaks of the importance of the community’s involvement and consultation in its liturgical life:

There should be harmony and diligence among all those involved in the effective preparation of each liturgical celebration in accordance with the Missal and other liturgical books, both as regards the rites and as regards the pastoral and musical aspects. This should take place under the direction of the rector of the church and after consultation with the faithful in things that directly pertain to them. However, the Priest who presides at the celebration always retains the right of arranging those things that pertain to him.

General Instruction of the Roman Missal (for the Dioceses of Australia), no 111 (emphasis added)

Our parish liturgy committee, then, works in cooperation with our priests and the many people who serve our parish in various liturgical ministries. It engages in reflection and evaluation, and provides advice, guidance and leadership, particularly in relation to the:

  • parish celebration of significant feasts and seasons
  • regular patterns of parish ritual and liturgical celebrations
  • liturgical space and seasonal liturgical environment
  • engagement, formation and participation of parishioners in liturgical ministry
  • liturgical formation of the committee and the parish community
  • development, acquisition and care of liturgical resources.

We invite you to share your feedback on the role and purpose of the liturgy committee in our community.  You can speak to Fr Denis or Fr Janu at any time, or contact us online.

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