Carmel Bulletin, 24 July 2022

Celebrating the liturgy, particularly our Sunday Eucharistic celebration, is both the high point of, and nourishment for Christian lives.  Celebrating together as the Body of Christ, our celebrations rely on, and are enriched by, the contributions of many members of our parish who fulfil liturgical ministries.  We are always looking for more people to assist in these roles.

The Diocesan Office for Worship regularly offers free courses for those who wish to serve in particular liturgical ministries: the Ministry of the Word, Extraordinary Ministry of Holy Communion, Communion to the Sick and Dying, and Ministry at the Altar (Altar Servers).  While these courses are designed to introduce people to these ministries, they are also worthwhile for experienced ministers who may not have participated previously.

Women and men who would like to serve God and our parish through one of these ministries are strongly encouraged to sign up – formation takes place on Monday nights over the coming months in Blacktown:

  • Introductory Session for all ministries: 5 September
  • Ministers of the Word: 12 and 19 September
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: 10 and 17 October
  • Communion to the Sick and Dying: 24 October
  • Ministers at the Altar: all the above six sessions, plus 31 October and 7 November

We have copies of the registration form in the sacristy this weekend.  See Fr Denis to get your copy – he can also endorse your application on the spot!

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