16/12/07 – Our Vision For Our Community #3

We have been looking at this statement declaring the vision for our parish community:

We, the parishioners of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Wentworthville, cherish the gift of belonging to a worshipping faith community.  We seek to love and serve God as members of the Carmelite family.

The community of faith here in Wentworthville needs to be a living, active one.  This begins with our celebration of the liturgy.  We were reminded at the Second Vatican Council that all we do as Catholics is nourished and inspired by the celebration of the liturgy.  We then return to the table of the Lord, the altar, to all that we have been blessed with and be inspired and nourished yet again to continue to love and serve God.  And so…

We strive to be celebrate the liturgy as the source and summit of our Christian life

Therefore we will:

  • Strive to celebrate liturgy that inspires and nourishes all to live their faith
  • Embrace the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council, while respecting the Church’s heritage
  • Be actively inclusive of all in the liturgical and sacramental life of our community
  • Encourage parishioners to participate in liturgical ministry according to their gifts
  • Allow parishioners to further the expression of their faith through acts of piety
  • Provide continued liturgical formation
  • Worship in a properly ordered, contemporary liturgical space that encourages participation

These statements of belief and vision, achieved through working together as a parish, reflect the changing era we live in.  Ours is a community still seeking to realise the liturgical vision of the Second Vatican Council most effectively.  We want everyone to participate fully, consciously and actively in worship, not simply “attend” as passive bystanders.  Most importantly, what and how we pray must clearly reflect and express what we believe in as a Catholic faith community.

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