4/11/07 – The Month of November

Field of Crosses

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This is the first Sunday of November; a month which for a significant part of our Church’s history has been a time of remembrance of the dead. The Church has always prayed for those who have died that they will realise the eternal life promised by Christ.

The month of November commences with two feasts, All Saints and All Souls. The saints have always held a place of honour in the Church. Whether their story has been known to a local region, or been formally recognised by the universal Church, many holy men and women have gone before us, their lives an example to us all of living according to Jesus’ command to love God and our neighbour. On the 2 November, we pray for all souls; that all those who have died will reach their eternal resting place in the arms of God.

Our concern for all who have died is clearly visible in the church during November with the presence of our book of remembrance. We maintain a long tradition of keeping a list of those who have died so that they may be prayed for. Please contribute the names of people close to you to this list by printing names clearly on one of the envelopes available, and placing it on the collection plate or in the priory letterbox. Our parish office will keep the list updated.

For the Carmelite Order, 14 and 15 November are the Commemorations of All Carmelite Saints and All Carmelite Souls respectively. This year of course, the Carmelite Family remembers all those who have followed the way of Carmel over the past eight hundred years. It is also a fitting time to celebrate the contribution of those departed Carmelites who have been a part of our parish community.

Finally, our Mass for the Dead will be held on Wednesday 28 November at 7:30 p.m. We will also bless at this Mass our Memorial Garden. We hope that this place will be one where all parishioners may stop and pray for those who have died for many years to come.

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