28/10/07 – Parish Life Survey

Last week, we announced our intention to develop a master plan for the future maintenance and renovation of the church. We believe this to be an important and necessary step forward in our life as a faith community.

This weekend, we begin the first phase of consultation. A survey is attached to Carmel for you to complete. The intention is for us to get an idea of what the parish’s needs, values and vision for the future are. Consequently, it is essential that we get as many responses from as many parishioners as possible.

People who have had a chance to see the survey already have looked at me and spoken with great concern; “but this doesn’t ask any questions about what the church should look like!” It’s not supposed to. That’s because we don’t renovate a church from a “shopping list” model; “OK, we need 1 altar, 1 ambo, 1 presider’s chair, 60 pews, 1 pipe organ, 4 statues…”

The General Instruction of the Roman Missal (no. 294) tells us that “the general ordering of the sacred building must be such that in some way it conveys the image of the gathered assembly.” This doesn’t just mean that you should be able to see that everybody participates in and celebrates the liturgy; although this is extremely important. It also means that people who walk into our church should be able to see, feel and experience something about the nature of this unique faith community.

This means that as we develop our master plan, it should be done with a thorough knowledge not only of the liturgical requirements, but also of what is valued by, and important to the parish. That is why we need you to complete today’s survey and join us for our upcoming meeting.

Parishioners can complete the survey and email it to the Liturgy Committee at litcomwenty@yahoo.com.au

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