11/11/07 – A Statement of Need for Church Renovation

This Wednesday is our parish meeting to discuss the hopes and vision for our community into the future.  One purpose for this meeting is to gain a picture of the parish and develop a concept that will be the basis for our creation of a maintenance and renovation master plan for the church.

The discussion around renovation began within the Liturgy Committee several years ago now.  Before we could proceed further, as we are now, it was necessary to articulate the need we could see for planning for future work to the church.  Below are our original ideas, now viewed in the light of our survey results, and still to be shaped by the results of our parish meeting this week.

Liturgical Needs

  • A liturgical space where people feel like they are gathered as a community of faith
  • A proper, dedicated space for celebrating baptism as the rite of entry to the Church
  • A dedicated space for celebrating reconciliation that provides appropriate discretion.

Human Needs

  • To provide an opportunity for the parish to learn more about liturgy
  • To allow the contemporary rituals of the Church to be fully celebrated as intended, with due respect for our long tradition
  • To provide increased access in the church to people with disabilities.

Building Needs

  • To professionally examine the structural integrity of the church and attend to as necessary
  • To plan ahead for necessary future maintenance such as painting and re-carpeting
  • To provide better transition between the older church and newer parish centre.

We hope that you will join us on Wednesday and share your vision for our parish’s future.

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