Church Renewal: Reflecting the Importance of the Entrances

Carmel Bulletin, 11 October 2015

Church Renewal ProcessWithin the design concept for the renewal of our church, new doors will improve the flow of movement between the church and parish centre, as well as the natural light under the choir gallery.

Architecturally and symbolically, doorways and thresholds are significant places, linking two different kinds of space.  In a church, the transitional or liminal space of the narthex marks the movement from introductory activities and rituals to the sacred action of the liturgy itself where the Body of Christ is constituted for worship and where the people enter into the mystery of God’s saving action.

And when churches are to be built (national guidelines for the building of churches), article 213

Door, Abbey Church, Montecassino
Door from the Benedictine Abbey Church of Montecassino, Italy – clearly not a door you would find for sale in your local hardware store!

The new glass doors that we propose to install are of glass construction, with a decorative metalwork screen.  The glass will let light into the church, and allow passers-by to see inside, which will help to make the entrances and the church more inviting.  The metal screens on the doors relate directly to original design plans for the church, and provide a design that sets them apart from other common doors. This will help to define the church as a special, sacred space with a particular purpose, and highlight the church doors as an important point of transition and movement into a house of prayer.

You can read and view more about the design concept in the parish centre and at

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