Church Renewal: The Entrances

Carmel Bulletin, 4 October 2015

Church Renewal ProcessFr Paul is currently sharing with everyone the design concept for the renewal of our church.  In developing the concept, we asked the architect, Jesse Mowbray, to improve the flow of movement between the church and parish centre, as well as the natural light under the choir gallery.

The Church’s Book of Blessings (article 1216) reminds us of the importance of the church doors:

In the liturgical celebrations of baptism, marriage, and funerals provision is made for a rite of reception at the doors of the church. On certain days of the liturgical year, the faithful pass through these doors in procession into the body of the church. It is proper, then, that in construction, design, and decoration church doors should stand as a symbol of Christ, who said: “I am the door, whoever enters through me will be safe,” and of those who have followed the path of holiness that leads to the dwelling place of God.

The entrance to the church has a liturgical purpose and function, as is demonstrated we celebrate Palm Sunday each year.  They serve as means of helping us make the transition from the world into a house of prayer, and back out to proclaim the Good News.  On countless occasions over the centuries, church doors have also been a source of protection, keeping out those who threaten the Christian faith and providing sanctuary to those within.  As such, the entrance to the church is more than just a set of doors!

You can read and view more about the design concept in the parish centre and at

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