Carmel Bulletin, 7 December 2014

When we recently met with Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, we discussed the qualities they bring to their ministry.  One of these was humility.

The quality is closely linked with service.  We must be prepared to put aside our own interests and place ourselves at the service of Christ, with whom we are united in our worship.

The liturgy also unites us with each individual who worships with us, and in whom Christ is present.  It is only when we recongise the presence of Christ in others, and we place ourselves at the service of our brothers and sisters that we truly and completely place ourselves at the service of Jesus.

Stool, bowl, jug of water for the Washing of FeetThe great example Christ gives us of humble service is his washing of the feet of his disciples. Peter originally refused to have his feet washed because he realised what Jesus was doing – placing himself in the position of a servant or slave, someone who would never have been considered ‘great’ in the society and culture of the time.  When we think about it more deeply, Peter’s refusal may not have only been to the confronting act of Christ’s humility, but also to the confronting realisation that Jesus would expect the same from him.

We can find words in the liturgy to express our humility; the Penitential Act and our response to the invitation to Communion (Lord, I am not worthy…) being probably the most obvious.  Yet for us as Catholics, both within our worship and within our daily lives, we are challenged to make humility part of our way of being.

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