Liturgy Committee Meeting Report

Carmel Bulletin, 23 November 2014

The Liturgy Committee met last month.Liturgy, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Wentworthville

Formation workshops have been completed over the past month for three ministries: the Ministry of the Word, the Extraordinary Ministry of Holy Communion and those who prepare and present the digital presentations use at Mass.  Ministers will be commissioned on the First Sunday of Advent.

Starting from the First Sunday of Advent, some reduction of the commentary at Mass will be implemented in order to return the focus of the assembly to the proclamation of the Word, and so the commentary does not duplicate comments made by the priest during introductory remarks and the homily.

Preparations were made for the season of Advent.  The Christmas schedule has been finalised and will be published shortly.

Consideration has also been given to celebrating some key events over the coming months: the annual Mass in Remembrance of the Dead (Wednesday 26 November), Australia Day and Indian Independence Day (26 January), and the 60th Anniversary of the Church (to be celebrated on Sunday 8 March).  Social gatherings are proposed for after the Masses for 26 January and the Anniversary of the Church.

Robert Barden, Paola Yevenes and Fr Paul also met recently to review the proposal for the celebration of Family Masses from next year.  This will involve the particular encouragement of family involvement at a 10:30 am Mass once every school term, on dates to be determined.

Comments, questions and feedback about our parish’s liturgical life and practice are always welcome.  Please send a message to the committee in writing, care of the parish office, or email litcomwenty (at) gmail (dot) com

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