20/5/12 – Church Renewal Committee Report

Church Renewal ProcessLast month, the Church Renewal Committee met again to continue the planning process.

A quote was tabled for the painting of the clerestory (upper level) of the church interior, as well as the refinishing of the ceiling, end walls of the church (sanctuary and choir gallery) and other selected elements such as the timber wall on the front of the choir gallery.  This has helped to give a clearer picture regarding the cost involved.  The matter will be taken up by the finance committee, who will provide further information to parishioners as required.

Further advice was sought on movement within the floor of the building, with a full report promised.  It was noted that while some movement occurred in the floor at one point, no further movement has occurred for several years, which is considered to be a positive sign.

The committee also began initial discussions about how the vision for the parish and its church, articulated in the Guiding Concepts, may be best expressed in the way the church is arranged and ordered.  There was an overwhelming desire to preserve as much of the church’s seating capacity as possible.  Also expressed was the need to respect the architectural form of the building which, for better or worse, suits itself to having its main focal points, such as the sanctuary, set along the longer north-south axis of the building.

An update on this discussion has since been provided to our liturgical consultant, Fr Stephen Hackett MSC, and he has already responded with feedback.  The committee will meet again in due course to consider Fr Stephen’s advice and continue our discussion around how the church can be best arranged and designed to support our parish community and the liturgy we celebrate.

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