15/4/12 – Thank You

Church Prepared for Easter VigilLast week we celebrated the death and resurrection of Christ through the liturgical celebrations of the Easter Triduum.

These celebrations would not have happened without the hard work of many people.

There are so many people who deserve our thanks: our priests; John O’Loughlin and our servers; our choir and musicians; the Liturgy Committee who worked on preparing the church and the celebrations; our Ministers of the Word and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion; those who had their feet washed; and all the people who assisted with various parts of the celebrations, from collections, to processions of the gifts, to putting cardboard discs on tapers to stop dripping wax.

Thanks must also go to everyone who came along and participated in the celebrations.  The liturgy is our work as the people of God, and the presence and contribution of each person enriches our community.

Thank you to everyone, and may the peace of God be with you throughout the rest of this holy Easter season.

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