19/4/09 – Shaping a Space That Will Shape Us

Our recent celebration of the Easter Triduum brought our community together in prayer in worship.  It places particular demands on us, not only as we prepare for the most important events in our Church’s year, but as prepare to celebrate rituals that are unique to this time of year.  People came in very large numbers, particularly on Good Friday.  After all the hard work of preparation has finished, and we go forth again as Easter people, those of us engaged in the preparations step back and reflect on the experience for ourselves and our community.

One particular aspect I have reflected on this year as Liturgy Coordinator is how our liturgical space – the buildings, the way they are furnished, decorated and arranged, as well as how people move and pray within them, have their influence on how we celebrate the liturgy as a community.

This is important to reflect on as we continue to work towards a renovation plan for the church.  Over the coming weeks, I will share with you some of the key recommendations that have come from our consultation with parishioners.  Those who have spoken with us and shared their visions have made marvellous suggestions on how our liturgical space can work more effectively, and can better reflect who we are as a community.

Throughout the coming weeks, your comments on the recommendations are welcome.  You can speak to Frs Denis or Paul, to any other member of the Liturgy Committee, email us at litcomwenty (at) yahoo (dot) com (d0t) au or comment below

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